Captain Blueberry: adventures & illustrations

Captain Blueberry is a mighty french sailor travelling across the oceans, discovering unknown sea monsters and other monstrous dangers. The first book of her adventures, The Monsters of Tasmania, was released in 2014. Its sequel, The Journey of Admiral Bolognaise,  was released in September 2016. 

Captain Blueberry is a personal project I do mostly for fun, and a way to teach myself a wide range of skills, from  story telling to publishing.

It is also a great way for me to connect with a young audience (see the cute links below!) and  I regularly get invited to schools to do book readings and to  run workshops or "monster presentations".  
A Monsters of Tasmania Cake! 
Albert from The Monsters of Tasmania for Book Week 2016
A sea Dragon from The Monsters of Tasmania for Book Week 2016

You can find my  books in bookstores and tourist shops all around Tasmania or in my online  shop.

(I am in the process or redesigning Captain Blueberry's official website in my spare time, so hopefully it should be coming soon.)