I am an  illustrator and graphic designer from France, now based  in Tasmania, Australia. I work for various businesses and non–profit organisations, and I collaborate with design studios on all kinds of projects.

I specialise in illustration and I am also skilled in graphic design. I work using traditional and digital mediums. Most of my recent work has been produced on computer, using Adobe Creative Suite and a Wacom tablet. 

I have an efficient  creative process, but also like to keep a "per project" approach to be adaptable with my clients and collaborators. My aim is to deliver work of the highest quality, while keeping things fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

photo by Sebastian Avila

Some of my clients

I have worked with Tasmanian Government, Before Creative,  Futago,  Redjelly, The Wilderness Society, NRM South,  Multicultural Council of Tasmania,  Goodlife Permaculture,  Poco People, The Works Printing Group,  Radpublic, UTAS,  PASHMA, Tasmanian Greens, Euca Laundry, Domaine Simha, Matchbox Wine Co., Sticky Beak Media, Living Wetlands, International River Foundation, International Water Centre, Earthan Group, and many more... and I have illustrated for  Pagan Cider, Hobart City Council,  National Pies, Willie Smith's Cider, MACq01, PASHMA, Mures, ABC Open, Taswater and many more.