Photo by Andrew Wilson

Photo by Andrew Wilson


I‘ve been dedicated to my craft of illustration and design since 2005 and based in Hobart, Tasmania since 2010. 
I work  for various businesses and non–profit organisations, and collaborate  with design studios on all kinds of commercial and cultural projects. I get a lot of satisfaction from collaborating with like minded people and from bringing a sense of fun and my illustrative skills to the projects I am part of.

Through my career I have created several visual languages and worked with all sorts of people. It has given me a wide range of skills and made me very adaptable. I am very focused, driven and meet my deadlines. I have a strong creative process but also always have a per project approach. I can work fast and under pressure, and I aim to satisfy my clients and collaborators. 

I like to deliver work of quality, while keeping things fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. I understand how to integrate illustrations into design, so that makes me a pretty flexible illustrator. I am a trained graphic designer and I have worked for several studios, so I am always keen to use these skills as well and can take on full projects from concept to final delivery.

 I work using traditional and digital mediums. Most of my recent work has been produced on computer, using Adobe Creative Suite and a Wacom tablet, or an iPad with Procreate. 

Folks I have worked with:

Worked with: Tasmanian Government, Hobart City Council,  PAHSMA, ABC Open, Mona, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Before Creative,  Futago,  Redjelly, Poco People, Lionco, The Wilderness Society, the Big Group, the Design Depot, The Splendid Gin, NRM South,  Multicultural Council of Tasmania,  Goodlife Permaculture,  The Works Printing Group,  Radpublic, UTAS, Tasmanian Greens, Euca Laundry, Domaine Simha, Matchbox Wine Co., Sticky Beak Media, Living Wetlands, International River Foundation, International Water Centre... and many more.

Illustrated for: The Taste of Tasmania, Pagan Cider, Willie Smith's Cider, James Boags, MACq01, National Pies, Taswater, Mures, and many more. 


  • Illustrator & designer: Katie and the Blankie \\ For the Love of Reading \\ Jen Fitzgibbon \\ 2018

  • Illustrator: The Balfour Correspondent \\ Bob Brown Foundation \\ James Dryburgh \\ 2017

  • Illustrator & designer: Katie and the Red Rubber Ball \\ For the Love of Reading \\ Jen Fitzgibbon \\ 2017

  • Author, Illustrator & designer: The Journey of Admiral Bolognaise \\ Rachel Tribout & Daniel Patman \\ 2016

  • Illustrator & designer: A guide to the plants of Tasmanian salt marsh wetlands \\ UTAS and NRM North \\ Vishnu Prahalad \\ 2014

  • Author, Illustrator & designer: The Monsters of Tasmania \\ Rachel Tribout & Daniel Patman \\ 2014

  • Illustrator & designer: Landing on Snow \\ Firedoor Press \\ Claire Jansen \\ 2011

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