You want to know a little more about me?


I was born and raised in France where I studied illustration at Emile Cohl Art School in Lyon and visual communication at Cours Bessil, Montpellier. After graduating in 2005, I was hungry for adventure so I packed my bags and travelled far, far away. My travels around the world ended in Hobart, Tasmania, where I have worked as a freelance illustrator since 2010.

in 2012 -2013, while keeping on freelancing I studied a Diploma In Graphic Design in Tasmania to refresh my skills. 

While finishing my diploma, I worked as a design  intern at Futago for 9 months where I learnt a lot about working within a team, which helped my design skills grow consequently. I loved learning a collaborative approach and process and integrated a lot of it in my freelance practice. 

I have also worked with several graphic design studios, as a freelance illustrator and sometimes designer. 

In 2016 I joined  Creative Hum  as a part time graphic designer and was there
for a year.

And in 2017 I kept working on freelance projects while I lived in  Europe.

From April to August 2018, I toured in China and Japan with Terrapin Puppet Theatre, drawing live for a show called "You and Me and the Space Between".  

I have written and illustrated children's books and run my side project,
Captain Blueberry. I have published two books so far and plan to write more.
I am regularly invited to schools to do book readings and monster presentations... fun times!

In my down time, I love to ride  motorbikes and go on road trips. I love to explore new places and  challenge myself. Adventures are a big part of my life. Swimming in the ocean is also a solid source of happiness for me, and I am known as being quite a sun-seeker!

Hot tip:
When I say my own name in English, it comes out sounding like 'rochelle'. You're welcome to pronounce it the same way. Or not.

photo by  Andrew Wilson

photo by Andrew Wilson